Legible Photographs

In this ongoing project I present a random individual with an image, usually shown to them on a laptop, a 13" x 19" piece of luster photo paper, and a black ink ballpoint pen. They know nothing about the image I provide nor what they are helping to create.

With these materials, I ask them to write on the blank page. I ask them to look at the photograph and from it, fill the blank page however they like. Some write short poems, others create thought maps, some draw pictures, some title the works, some write elaborate stories, some create mind maps, filling the page as they discover more of the image. One way or another, they fill the page as they see fit within the context of the image I've given them. When they are done, the page is filled with their perception of the image I gave them, the story it tells, its significance, meaning, and so on. More often than not, what they write is often a reflection of themselves or their own mindset, and less about the actual image. 

When they are finished, I print the photograph on the page they wrote, the result being a "Legible Photograph". Each Legible Photograph is then named after the person who wrote it.